Come and visit one of the best breakfast + lunch spots in the Poconos! Check out what our customer's have to say...

“The food is to die for. The staff is very friendly. I live in Stroudsburg but, on Sunday’s I come up to have a good meal and see some friendly faces. The Service is quick but even if it wasn’t I would still go because they make your time there enjoyable. and it’s all worth the wait.

Every time my husband and I come there always packed. I recommend this place to everyone looking for a good meal with great service.”

– Customer Review

“It so happened that we were looking for a mid-morning grub on our way back to NJ from PA. We did some random searching and this place showed up as being very close to where we were. Even when we reached this place, stuck inside a rather deserted strip mall, we were unsure of what it had to offer. But one peep inside this constantly humming place convinced me that this must be the local rockstar.

The menu card is an overhwelming affair with a typically American flourish and considering we were four adults and two young ones, we covered a fair bit of ground – eggs, pancakes, waffles, the whole shot. In a full blooded assault on the senses, we ended up eating far beyond our mandates and didn’t regret it one bit. Isn’t in the trademark of truly great food to keep the eater interested till the very last bite? The staff are warm and friendly despite the seemingly endless rush that they have to handle.I’m writing this review so that more people get to know of this rather hidden gem.

Perhaps it is well known in Poconos, I’m not sure, but it’s nothing short of my moral responsibility to make people aware of this fabulous place. We need to educate, we need to spread the word. It is that kind of place.”

– Trip Advisor Review